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About Juice Stop

The Juice Stop has just opened their 4th location! The new store is located next to Panera Bread at the intersection of 57th and Louise Ave. We have 3 other locations here in Sioux Falls…33rd and Minnesota, 26th and Marion, and 10th and Sycamore. Troy and Julie own and operate the stores. They are “hands on” owners, and are very involved in the day to day operation of the stores. Our goal is to provide Sioux Falls with quality fresh Real Fruit Smoothies and healthy alternatives to fast food. 

For Smoother, Tastier, Can’t Believe it’s Healthy Smoothies, that make you feel good…come to the Juice Stop in Sioux Falls today! 

The Juice Stop Mission

Juice Stop serves the highest quality products because to be the best you need to serve the best. We go to great lengths to satisfy you, our valued customer, in ways that cannot be matched by other juice establishments. At Juice Stop all of our non-fat yogurts an delicious sherbets are specially formulated with premium ingredients for great tasting flavors and a creamy texture. We are constantly refining our juice formulations to ensure you recieve the best tasting smoothie available. We use only Grade "A" IQF fruits in our smoothies because anything less would be ordinary. 

"Relax and enjoy your Juice Stop smoothie knowing it is the best smoothie available!"

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The Juice Stop in Sioux Falls is your choice for tasty and nutricious smoothies, juices, veggie combos, nutrient shots and hot blends. The Juice Stop only uses real fruit and natural ingredients to ensure that your juice smoothie or nutrient drink is the most healthy, nutritious and delicious smoothie available anywhere! Add a nutritious punch to your smoothie with a Nutrient Blend, added protein, glutime, creatine, or flax seed. Get your Juice for the Journey! website designed and hosted by Gage e-Services.