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Everybody has smoothies…but not everybody makes REAL FRUIT smoothies! At the Juice Stop, we don’t use Fruit Flavored Syrup, Sweetened Fruits, Sugary Purees, or Smoothie Mixes…we use REAL FRUIT. Juice Stop blends exactly what you ask for at a competitive price because you are the most important person in our business.

Please your taste buds while you feed your body with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals!

It’s like we say: “The Juice Stop: 33rd and Minnesota, 26th and Marion, 10th and Sycamore, and NOW OPEN 57th and Louise. For Smoother, Tastier, Can’t Believe it’s Healthy Smoothies, that make you feel good!” Learn more about us! 

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The Juice Stop in Sioux Falls is your choice for tasty and nutricious smoothies, juices, veggie combos, nutrient shots and hot blends. The Juice Stop only uses real fruit and natural ingredients to ensure that your juice smoothie or nutrient drink is the most healthy, nutritious and delicious smoothie available anywhere! Add a nutritious punch to your smoothie with a Nutrient Blend, added protein, glutime, creatine, or flax seed. Get your Juice for the Journey! website designed and hosted by Gage e-Services.